A genuine Strength & Conditioning facility serving the Jacksonville Beaches


e4 = educate. evaluate. elevate. evolve. 

Sports Science

DIESEL Strength & Conditioning coaches are Exercise Science professors, credentialed fitness professionals and college interns who are committed to helping athletes optimize their health and performance.  We work with local schools and universities, as well as National and International fitness organizations to provide hands on experience and legitimate pathways to educate sports & fitness professionals. 

The intention is to influence and mold the future of our industry by being a launchpad for students desiring a career opportunity.

Athlete Development

Our methods are science based, real world applications. We evaluate each athlete and design sport or goal focused training. The objective is to provide the means for any athlete to break their boundaries

 Our expectation is to produce athletes who elevate to the next level with intention and  ambition.


Goal Specific Training Programs

 Additionally, we expand our community reach by offering professionally designed programs to those with general, strength, cardiovascular and functional fitness goals.  Everyone has access to workouts posted in-house daily.

The result: human performance will inevitably evolve.

e4 = educate. evaluate. elevate. evolve.