Greg Cosentino

Masters Exercise Physiology

BS Exercise Science, Athletic Training Minor


USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach, CSCS

Greg is a Professor in Exercise Science & Ex Physiology at the University of North Florida.

Additionally, Greg has managed successful training departments for large corporate gyms in South Florida . He also led a training department  at the celebrity vacation destination: Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa Miami where he trained elite clients.  

Greg's clinical approach, excellent understanding of biomechanics and experience with post rehab patients provide him the ability to work with clients of virtually every physical fitness level.

His professional experience ensures that legitimate Strength and Conditioning modalities are implemented and adhered to.

You will also find Greg passionately instructing youth, school-age, college & professional athletes on the DIESEL training grounds.


Greg and Ali Cosentino opened one of the first evolutionary Personal Training Studios in North Florida in 2000. They built an indoor obstacle course that pioneered a path of cross training fitness. They have  managed and consulted for large corporate gyms and revived small struggling neighborhood fitness centers.  

Both have competed Nationally in Bodybuilding and they understand the intricacies of working with advanced athletes, clients with injuries, children, and those with healthy, lifestyle goals.

Together, Coach Ali and Coach Greg have developed a competitive, nationally ranked weightlifting team. Their sons, Alec (age 19) and Case (age 16) and daughter, Kiley (age 15) are nationally ranked, competitive weightlifters.   Alec is also internationally ranked and an International Youth World and Pan American Weightlifter for TEAM USA.  

Coach Greg & Alec trained at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO preparing to compete on Team USA in Lima, Peru. Alec and 7 other team members competed against 28 other countries to bring home a 4th place ranking in the World Youth Championships. 

Coach Greg & Case have recently returned from the Olympic Training Center where Case was invited to join the final Weightlifting Camp to beheld at the Olympic Training Center prior to it's close.

Their daughter, Kiley, started competitive Weightlifting in 2013, and continually places in the top of her class, while maintaining a focus on competitive soccer. During the competitive soccer season, Coach Ali emphasizes sport conditioning and specificity. 

For more information on our Youth Athletic programs or Sport Specific Training Programs,  please click  Young Athlete Program or DIESEL Weightlifting Club.

Ali Cosentino

Founder Strength Nation - a 501c3

Currently attending University for ASL/English Interpreter Degree

USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach

USA Weightlifting National Level Coach

USA Weightlifting National Referee

USAW International Team Leader - Taipei 2017

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Ali is a strong advocate for youth in sports, and runs an organization that removes socioeconomic barriers for any youth with an interest in learning and advancing athletically. She provides sport performance coaching with a staff  of professional, volunteer coaches who donate their time to helping youth athletes prepare for college sport recruitment.

Her pursuit to raise awareness of the benefits of weightlifting  and gain more youth involvement has brought her in to the local high schools. In Florida, Girls Weightlifting is a varsity sport and Ali volunteers her time at the schools working with the girls and their coaches.

While attending University, Ali started the UNF Weightlifting Club. Now, DIESEL is also the official home of UNF Weightlifting Club. Growing the college club from 6 to 30+ in one semester, her goal is to house the club on campus, evolve it in to an official University sport and one day host a sanctioned University meet.

Case Cosentino - DIESEL Coach & Strength Nation Leadership Coach

Case has been immersed in the family gym business since birth. At DIESEL, he has gained knowledge of the industry, experience in a hand's on facility and both professional & interpersonal skills with all levels of athletes. Having worked with Strength Nation's youth since the inception of the non profit, Case has earned the trust of the local community both as a coach, a leader and a mentor. 

Case competes yearly in the CrossFit opens (placing in the top 20 teens in the nation in 2016) and throughout the year at local, national and international weightlifting meets. Case was a silver medalist in his class as a Youth at the 2016 Junior Nationals and is working toward earning a place on the World Team.

You can find Case coaching evening classes and training daily.

Alec Cosentino - Guest Coach

Now attending the prestigious Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago, DIESEL'S own "world famous" athlete, Alec, is a nationally & internationally ranked Olympic Weightlifter and a member of the US Youth Olympic World Team. While he personally specializes in weightlifting, he is also an accomplished crossfit athlete and an amazing mentor in our young athlete program. 

Coach Greg & Alec trained at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO preparing to compete on Team USA in Lima, Peru. Alec and 7 other team members competed against 28 other countries to bring home a 4th place ranking in the World Youth Championships. 

Between auditions and a stringent conservatory life, Alec returns home to visit and guest coach our DIESEL community when time permits.