What you should know about us....

We embrace CrossFit and the superior fitness to be gained from it. However, our knowledge and experience run so much deeper. Our programming is unique and effective. We offer Strength & Conditioning, Weightlifting and CrossFit tracks to meet the individual needs of each of our athletes. Often times, a crossfitter's progress will slow down because their strength curve and efficiency have become equivalent. We constantly assess and evaluate our athletes to  adjust their programs in a way that ensures their fitness goals are consistently achieved. This may mean than athlete places emphasis on the programmed Strength track for a pre-determined period until the desired strength gains are met. Once the strength cycle is completed, the athlete may choose to focus more on fitness conditioning or weightlifting. This type of programming allows the athlete to constantly improve while also making adjustments to prevent overtraining, overuse, or excessive fatigue.

Training, Programming & Philosophy...

We must consider many factors before our workouts are written and posted. Although we like to work hard and get results, just throwing together the hardest, kick ass workouts we can possibly think of screams inexperience and injuries waiting to happen. We have a solid foundation of knowledge & education that allows us to put a program together that will develop amazing fitness results while focusing on excellent form and injury prevention.

  1. CROSSFIT classes are designed for people of all fitness levels. However, to embody total fitness, it is necessary to address your cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

  2. MOBILITY and FLEXIBILITY are emphasized in our class offerings. These are an often neglected priority which aids in recovery and performance. Our warm ups and cool downs serve as times to focus on your joints and smaller muscle groups as well as a time to stretch or foam roll to relieve tensions built up from the workout. 

  3. For any exercise program to be successful, SKILL WORK and GRADUAL PROGRESSION is required. We spend blocks of time (periodization) with focus on specific areas. This is built in to the daily workouts. Our coaches determine the areas that need emphasis based on the general needs of all of our athletes. Benchmark workouts are occasionally performed to determine the athlete’s progress. This is the reason you may notice a particular exercise appear more frequently than others at times. 

  4. Our STRENGTH TRAINING and WEIGHTLIFTING work focus on increasing your strength and power. Obtaining optimal fitness requires you to be strong in your workouts and powerful in your lifts. Improving your strength and power will enable you to progress with faster WOD times and new Personal Bests.

  5. RESISTANCE & ENDURANCE workouts are intended to target specific muscle groups that can get overlooked while doing only CrossFit workouts. It is rare to see a bench press come up in a WOD, and bicep curls are never specifically performed. We understand that physique enhancement is important to many people, and, quite frankly, we’re really good at it.

  6. RECOVERY time is built in to our programming by prioritizing the volume of work done and the intensity of the workload for the most health benefits. The most difficult part of our programming is predicting when each athlete is going to work out. Everyone’s schedules are different, so we design our workouts as if everyone is going to come 6 days a week. For example, you will not see back to back days of repetitive heavy programming or overuse of one particular modality.

  7. Finally, VARIATION of exercises and modalities is a key factor in our programming. This does not mean that it is “haphazardly” written just so that you see and do many different exercises. It is varied in a methodical structure to constantly create changes in your physical appearance and fitness level. 

If we keep you safe and injury free, then we will keep you as a client for a long time. And c'mon, let's face it, you know you want to hang out with us as much as possible....we're just THAT fun.