"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."   ~ Albert Einstein

First, the RULES... 

  • Be Early.  Show up early enough to get yourself ready but not with the intention of intruding on the class before you. Be considerate and wait until it's your class time to start warming up. DO NOT trample through another class so that you can get started. 

  • Stay Late.  Stay as late as you want and cheer others on.

  • Don't be a cheater. If you do it in here, then you do it out there. Nobody likes a cheater and nobody really cares what your score was. Everybody cares if you cheat.

  • Check your ego at the door. There's always somebody, somewhere, working harder than you. You'll stop worrying about what others think about you when you realize how seldom they do.

  • Try hard. Effort earns respect. Inspire those around you.

  • Be responsible for your OWN fitness. Our workouts are tough and the weight can be heavy. If you aren't comfortable or ifyou have injuries, you need to tell a coach. We like to keep you around & injury free - don't let your ego do the thinking.

  • Leave negativity at the door. Everyone has a bad day, but this place is our sanctuary away from all personal, job & family problems and gossip. Make it yours too.

  • Get your own toys out and put them away when you're done. YOU pick up, change out & clean up your equipment. You also wipe it down with the cleaner provided.

  • Introduce yourself to all newcomers. They may need to revive your unconscious body later, and "Hey, Dude, Wake up!" is so impersonal.

  • Settle your bar. Dropping weights is a necessity, not a convenience. Bumper plates are designed for emergency dropping. NEVER drop an empty barbell, a kettlebell or a dumbbell. Please respect the equipment and maintain a safe environment for the athletes around you. 

  • Encourage other athletes - DO NOT coach them. Unless you are a DIESEL Coach, then you do not give instructions. We LOVE our athlete camaraderie and motivation, but our coaches have experience & training that goes way beyond watching a few videos and attending a Level 1 class. 

  • Use the lockers. We provide a place for your belongings. Do not drag your gym bag, dirty socks, & keys out on the floor. You may have water & a towel on the floor. This is a safety issue and it is NON NEGOTIABLE.

  • Don't make us ask you for money. We are coaches - not bill collectors. Pay your dues on time. If you can't do that, we can't turn the lights on and run your class.

  • Bring a towel. It's HOT and you're SWEATY. Chalk won't fix that and we can't buy enough paper towels to dry you off.

  • Clean your sweat. Nobody wants your DNA. If you use it, wipe it down. Benches, KB handles, balls, bars... We are a clean facility and we like to keep it that way. Disinfectant spray & towels are provided for cleaning.

  • Class time is not the time to be different! If you want to do your own thing, then come to OPEN GYM. Otherwise, you are disruptive, disorganized, and disrespectful to everyone around you. They may not tell you, but they tell us! We are a community. We do the WODs together - unless it's open gym time. Even then, we find community in our workout partners. If you want to do yesterday's WOD or you don't have time to wait until the rest of the class starts, then you need to come to open gym (assuming you're qualified) or do your own thing at home.  

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT OPEN GYM: Open gym is for "qualified athletes" only. Ask a coach before you assume you are qualified. Some of the requirements to be considered qualified are:

  • You can read and understand the whiteboard - you will NOT receive coaching during open gym
  • You know where the equipment is and what you need.
  • You follow "THE RULES."
  • You understand that open gym is NOT included with your membership. It is an optional privilege allowing you to work out during the coach's work out time. The gym would otherwise be closed during this time.  DO NOT request time or attention from any coach who is in attendance at open gym. The coaches work long hours in the gym, giving you attention - open gym is THEIR TIME. 

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